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K-Procure is an operations and vendor management company that focuses on the health care industry. We believe that every health care practice can be more profitable and improve its bottom line. We perform custom in depth analysis for each practice in order to streamline operations, reduce the workload of the team and strengthen vendor relationships. By implementing our services you will increase efficiency and profitability within your office. We are experienced, unique in the industry and we GET RESULTS!

We have over a decade of expertise to help you consolidate, negotiate and lower your spend with proven results. Our background & services are unique in the industry.  K- Procure is the only all inclusive company that tackles operations & vendor management for health care practices.

We serve Columbus, Upper Arlington, Worthington, Lewis Center, Dublin, Hilliard, Powell, Pickerington, Reynoldsburg, and surrounding areas.




PPO/Fee Schedules

K- Procure offers In depth analysis of top 30 codes with guaranteed savings annually. Identify the value of adding or dropping plans. Ensure office fees fall within the 80% of UCR.


In-depth review of plans and provider qualifications.

Merchandise Consolidation

We apply data driven negotiations and savings through purchase consolidation. We focus on team collaboration with preferred vendors & merchandise representatives. We educate and train staff on ordering efficiently to lower the MSRP cost.

Marketing Services

We offer a variety of external & internal marketing services. We can assist your business with branding, web services, website design/development and print. We provide on-site training and support to work with your team on internal marketing, referral and review programs.

Start Ups

Let us do the leg work for you! We dive in and negotiate all your fees and services with the vendors & suppliers you will be working with. We also provide Operational & Marketing services to help your business thrive so you can hit the ground running.

Practice Management Solutions

We help your practice to increase production, collections and case acceptance. Collecting more of what you produce is essential for running a profitable practice. Using new strategies for what and how you present, you can raise your case acceptance rate to 90%. We also believe in the importance of team building. Practice success doesn’t happen by itself. You need a well-trained and highly motivated staff to take your practice to the next level of success.

Laboratory Fees

We work with laboratories to provide bundling options, materials review and recommendations through in-depth industry knowledge. Education and training on digital healthcare tools.

Accounts Receivable

We assign each office their own Dental Claims Analyst that will work on the office’s accounts receivables. Insurance Billing: Sending claims, posting payments, appealing denials and follow up on unpaid claims. Patient Billing: Reviewing patient accounts and sending statements. We will follow-up and send delinquent balance letters to patients. We also do a complete resolution of unpaid claims as well as help facilitate your collections company. COMPLETELY OUTSOURCE YOUR BILLING DEPARTMENT.

Bookkeeping & Payroll Services

We will provide an analysis of Profit & Loss Statements and balance sheets to ensure practice profitability. Our team will also ensure management of accounts payable to external vendors or suppliers. We do provision of end-to-end payroll management along with development & maintenance of monthly budget parameters for expenditures.

Insurance Verification

We help dental practices clean up their existing insurances and make sure all fee schedules are entered into the computer correctly. Verify all patients insurance plans and provide accurate breakdowns before each appointment, including confirmation of remaining benefits, maximums and deductibles. Confirm accuracy of all insurance plan information, including but not limited to group number, fee schedule, and comprehensive benefit breakdown. Document x-ray history for each patient to determine eligibility. Research eligibility for any specific procedures, as requested by each office, including occlusal guard coverage, implant/bone graft coverage.



Kelly Salvatore, Founder

Profit and goal driven operations & vendor managed specialist with expertise in the healthcare industry. Over a decade of experience working for a full service dental laboratory, dental supply company, ophthalmology practice and direct PPO negotiating. Her clientele range from Solo Providers, Multi-Location Practices and DSOs. An accomplished presenter, influential negotiator and expert problem-solver.

Jamie Barreras, Dental Claims Analyst

Gina Brandenburg, Accounts Receivable

Sherri Lewis, Practice Management Advisor

Jeana Burnside, Dental Claims Analyst

Our entire team is designed to provide an online extension of your office! Each practice is personally assigned to one of our Healthcare Claims Analysts.  Our team has decades of experience working in the healthcare industry.  They have qualifications that will help your delinquent insurances be paid and ensure proper electronic claims and electronic attachments are submitted accurately.  We can streamline your current account receivables and help set-up a more efficient system for the future. We are specializing in billing dental but also medical insurance for dental related procedures.





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